Call for Papers

Information Technology, in which Internet belongs to, has changed civilization toward cyber era. In the cyber era, the way people work, learn, play and interact with others has changed significantly. Human life is almost influenced by information technology systems and innovation. So that information technology systems and innovation become more and more important in the human life.


IT Management and Governance

- IT Value
- IT Risk
- IT Governance
- Enterprise Architechture

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Service Science, Computing and Engineering

- Services Lifecycle
- Service Computing
- Service-Oriented Architecture
- Web Services

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Smart System Engineering and Innovation

- Smart Service System
- Smart Campus
- Smart City
- Smart Government

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Internet of Things and Cloud Computing

- Routing and Congestion Control
- Cognitive Networks
- Wireless and Mobile Networks
- Wireless Sensor Networks

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Cyber Security, Forensic and Law

- Cyber Media
- Cyber Society
- Social Media
- Cyber Criminal

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Digital Service Industry Solution and Innovation

- Business Information System
- e-Business and e-Commerce
- Internet Marketing
- Information Technology Innovation

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- Digital Signal Processing
- Digital Media, Game and Learning Technologies
- Probability, Stochastic Systems and It's Application
- Everyday Robots

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